One Kitty: 

Regular Room $18/day

Window Room $20/day



Two Kitty's:

Family Window room/ Regular Condo(sharing) $29/day



Three Kitty's:

Family Window Room (sharing) $39/day 




Medication administered $1.50 per dose

non-medical oral additives: $1.00 per dose

 Insulin/BG check $2.50 per injection


Booking requirements: Due to our limited rooms and amount of bookings, we require a $25 per kitty non-refundable booking fee (deposit). It will be taken off the end of your stay. It is non-transferable and will only hold the dates you have booked for. We can not accept tentative bookings, therefore, firm up your dates before booking as days booked are days charged. These policies are in place so all clients can have a chance to book a space in our facility. 


Cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard Available


More than 3 Kitty's or over a month stay? Please call to discuss

Airport Drop-off and pickup Available



Please bring your own food to keep consistent to your Kitty's regular routine; a bed, blanket or towel for their comfort and we prefer all cats to arrive in a carrier for their safety.


We provide bedding, dishes, treats, litter box, litter, scratching posts and toys.

Calico Hills Kitty Lodge

To Book Call: 780-418-6369